Required Documents

Required Documents

The following will be the required documents we need to do a mortgage loan:


  • Last 30 days pay stubs.
  • If you were approved for the down payment assiatance we will need 2 months of pay stubs.
  • Last Two years W2s (All employers).
  • Social Security Awards Letter.
  • Pension disbursements (1099s) pensions must also have an award continuance letter stating the pension will continue for at least 3 years..


  • Last TWO years Tax Returns (ALL PAGES & SCHEDULES). NOTE: Be sure page 2 is signed and dated!
  • Last TWO months Bank Statements (ALL PAGES EVEN IF BLANK) Must source all large non-payroll deposits with a signed letter of explanation and copies of the checks/stubs/ or other documentation.
  • Cancelled copy of the down payment/escrow check front and back along with the bank statement or transaction history showing the check clearing your bank.
  • If gift funds are being used: (a)Complete gift letter signed by the giftor and buyer (provided) (b) Copy of the gift check or Copy of wire receipt (c) Copy of the deposit slip from your bank (if gift was a check). **gift funds can be wired directly to the title company prior to closing*** PLEASE ASK FOR WIRE INSTRUCTION.
  • If you were approved for the down payment assiatance we will need 6 months of bank statements.


  • Legible copy of Driver’s License.
  • Signed copy of Social Security Card (if not available please ask for alternate form SSA89).
  • Resident Alien/Green Card (Front & Back) if applicable.

Additional Information:

  • If bankruptcy in the past 5 years provide all pages of you initial filling and settlement/final judgement.
  • If you pay or receive child support: Provide the Divorce Decree/separation agreement showing the amount to be paid/received and time period payment will continue until.
  • If you Receive: (a) Copies of birth certificates (b) 12 month history of payment by providing account statements for each month showing the deposit


  • Last two years business returns ALL PAGES AND SCHEDULES.
  • K1s if applicable.
  • Year to Date profit and loss.
  • Letter from CPA confirming self-employment for a period of at least two years.
  • If funds from the business are being used to pay closing costs CPA must also state that using these funds will not affect your business in any way!.

Investment/Other Properties (Need for all properties owned)

  • Mortgage Statements.
  • Tax Bills.
  • Insurance policies.


  • All minors must provide copy of birth certificate and SS card.
  • All adults must provide copy of Driver License and SS card.